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in case we haven’t met, I’m Samy. My friends call me the “Think Tank”. These days companies, high profile individuals and government agencies can automate or outsource almost everything. There is one exception:  The creation of out-of-the-box ideas and big picture strategies. This is usually when they call me. I take the box,  fire it in a kiln at 1900 degrees and soak the ashes in acid. Just kidding.

I love finding entirely new ways of doing things, effective answers to extremely difficult questions and creative solutions to problems. The bigger the challenge, the more excited I get.

10 years ago I founded PCI, a global network of top content producers and cutting edge technology creators.  PCI provides new media content, cutting edge technology and big picture strategy.

I love creativity and advanced innovation.  With PC International we were featured by IBM at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. We had produced an advanced virtual 3d website for IBM research.  This large virtual landscape is the size of England.  While this project required a lot of dedicated work it was also and fun and the best part was to meet unbelievably talented IBMers and become friends with some truly brilliant people.


For Hollywood stars we produced “Virtual Hollywood”. Years ago one of the “Godfathers” of Hollywood, Chairman Emeritus of Universal Studios, Lew Wasserman sent me a letter of support for our Peace City project and I wish he could have seen the results of it all.



Our non profit project “Peace City” features a virtual reality city with its own philosophy and macroeconomic system.

In July 2012 our 7 year research was released decoding human motivation and making human needs measurable, quantifiable and thus setting the stage for an entire new method to predict purchasing decisions.



I look forward to all the exciting projects we are yet to embark on …


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