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15 Sep Virtual Life and Work – A Free workshop

I'm excited to announce our new workshop. With everything going on during the pandemic, life as we knew it has changed. It used to be a smaller percentage of people who worked remotely. Now more and more people are asked to work and live more... READ MORE
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25 Dec Happy Holidays :)

To my family & friends and our amazing Peace City Community: Wishing you Happy Holidays and and a great New Year! :) You Are My Magic Light dedicated to our Peace City Community Thank you for being in my life Through thick and thin, throughout... READ MORE
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21 Sep A New Philosophy For The Hero Age

It has been a while since we updated our view of the world. The challenges we face as a civilization cannot be blamed on inertia alone, they are caused by the absence of a new overarching philosophy that combines culture, economics and a new definition... READ MORE