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26 Jul I LOVE Diversity – It’s also good for any decision process – the more diverse the better the decisions

I love diversity because it's beautiful. But it's also good for any decision process. Imagine a group of people standing in a circle around a campfire. Everyone has a unique vantage point. A slice of the entire view. If you wanted to describe the campfire... READ MORE
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25 Jul Breakthrough Discovery About Human Motivation

I'm excited to share with you¬†the press release about the result of our 7 year research:   Human Needs Decoded: Samy Montechristo's Breakthrough Discovery: Mathematical Equations Decoding Human Needs and a Need Prediction Method   Peace City International founder Samy Montechristo announces breakthrough discovery related... READ MORE
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21 Jul We used to replace muscles with machines, now we are replacing brains.

During the lifetime of Millennials computer-based intelligence will significantly exceed the sum total of human brainpower. Therefore the current automation revolution is completely different from any other in human history. It's not about replacing tasks while creating new tasks, it's about replacing entire processes guided... READ MORE