How To #Rewire Your Mind

How do you transform your mind? I used to overthink this, now I know there are a few simple tools:

  1. Repetition: Write down what you want to change. Record it sentence by sentence 3 times, then quietly read it to leave space on the recording. Then play the recording and and talk along. Say it out loud 3 times with the recording, then the 4th time repeat it out of your short-term memory.
  2. Challenge Yourself: Go beyond what is comfortable and familiar every day. It can be a small thing. You want to take the elevator? Take the stairs. You want to do 20 pushups? Do 23.
  3. Exercise Your Hero Muscle: Remind yourself everyday that you are capable of greatness. Our DNA is stored as a code made up of about 3 billion chemical base pairs and 99% of the DNA in all people is the same. This means you have a lot in common with the greats of history. Gratitude, empathy and compassion are in reality some of the qualities that reflect gigantic strength. Thus practicing them fortifies your hero muscle.

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