Take A Tour: Building A Home For Our Awesome Peace City Community … In Virtual Reality

A home and meeting place for our amazing community in 50 states & 193 countries.

The best part about what I do is that I get to meet all these amazing people from all over the country and from around the world. Knowing them fills me with optimism and confidence that we can accomplish anything and everything we set our minds to. This is the reason why I consider myself the “luckiest guy in the world”. The people I meet have a unique mix of strength & compassion, empathy and courage, intelligence & creativity. Since they’re from 50 states and 193 countries we need to build a home for them which they can access from anywhere in the world. We use virtual reality for this. It’s kinda like walking into a 3D imax movie and becoming a part of the story.

While we cherish our individuality, our tribes and the countries we come from, we also celebrate the fact that we are all part of one human family privileged to live on the only fertile planet we know to exist. Peace City is a place to give this idea a home.

The city is on an island. Full of symbolism.

The island combines modern architecture with rich nature. We see a future where we have mastered a balance between progress & sustainability. Our signature flower is the sunflower. Because it follows the sun, an off-planet long lasting energy source. Also, it’s just beautiful 🙂

The wild horse, a symbol of beauty, of our emotions and the heritage of our physiology

The wild horse statue in front of the embassy tower is a reminder of our nature. It stands for beauty but also for the untamed heritage of our body (see post). Our emotions, our ability to love and to fear resides in the old part of our brain. It can create fear and its dire consequences, but it can also create the most amazing art and music, an experience of transformative love, imagination and creativity.

The Peace City embassy tower, a place to meet & collaborate

The best ideas often come not from a scheduled meeting but from hanging out, from “water-cooler conversations”. This why we created the embassy tower with lots of open spaces.

Entrance of the Peace City Embassy in virtual reality


The piano in the lobby is reminder of the amazing power of creativity (see post). Music is the most powerful universal language.

Mezzanine lounge

View in the morning from the mezzanine terrace

Penthouse on top of the embassy tower

Sundeck in front of the penthouse

Loft in the penthouse

Virtual office of Peace City Ambassador Craig Marshall

The old village juxtaposes the modern architecture of the embassy and the convention center with a rustic feel

The intended juxtaposition of old and new

The old ship symbolizes how things used to be done. Some good, some bad. Sailing powered by a sustainable energy source (wind) is good while solving problems with canons is not so good (in an age of nuclear weapons).

Cannons and lifeboats are often cause and effect. The more cannon balls are exchanged the more likely a lifeboat is needed.

The convention center glass pyramid stands for the best ideas of the future.

Peace City University Beach Campus – a place to unlearn and learn

Peace City University Beach Campus – a relaxing way to absorb knowledge

Peace City University Beach Campus – a colorful place for a fun learning experience

The Wizard Tower is dedicated to the wizards of Peace City, the creative and visionary people who are real gamechangers.

Beaches surround the entire island.

A mountain range is at the heart of the island.

In the east there are also rolling hills.

One way how we are able to offer free courses in the Peace City University is the line of Heartware & Heartwear products.

It was great fun to design my own office. As you can tell I love big spaces 🙂

Virtual reality makes you feel like you’re there, so I thought it was important to have a three dimensional artwork in a 3 dimensional computer generated reality 🙂

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