I have learned to see the world differently when I began to produce virtual reality years ago. My eyes may see a landscape or a building but my mind sees the structure behind it. I had to develop a basic understanding how virtual reality is built. Every object like a chair or a table is built out of corners (vertex) that are connected.

Every one of these corners occupies a specific spot in the space where it is placed. This spot is defined by coordinates. The x axis (left & right), the y axis (up & down) and the z axis (forward & backward).

The real world works very similar. The difference is that the objects are more complex and are moving relative to each other.

Atom based reality and virtual reality follow the same principles. The only difference: the latter is less complex (less energy).

So when I look at the “real world” I can “switch” from what my eyes show me (rendered view) to what my mind shows me (structural view). Doing this for so many years in virtual reality trained my brain to see our world in this unique way.

I derived many conclusions from this way of seeing the world, too many to capture here. But the most profound epiphany is this:  I can record events in virtual reality and roll them back in time, then relive them just like when they first happened. The same is theoretically possible in the atom based world. The difference is that the complexity of the positions and relative movements of all particles involved in a situation is indefinitely greater and thus the energy requirement would be enormous. However on an individual particle level this may be accomplished in this century.

We already found a way to roll back time on the clock hanging on the wall. As far as the clock is concerned 3 minutes to 12 is exactly the same the first time around and after you move the hands of the clock back into place. We just haven’t found a way to move all the particles around the clock into the previous position.


Seeing the world differently can be a blessing or a curse. I choose to see it as a blessing.

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