Our Universe Is An Expression Of Unity – Here is why

I see patterns everywhere. It’s a blessing and a curse. Why a curse? Because I see everything twice. The photo realistic image and the patterns behind them (more about this here). This means thinking about the same thing in 2 different ways. Why a blessing? Well, because I see everything twice and it makes everything twice as magical.

Imagine you hold an apple in your hands that weighs 1 lb. Then you throw it up into space (using your superpower). As it leaves earth its gravitational force declines at a certain rate. 1/d² where d stands for the distance. So at 2 miles from earth its gravitational force is a quarter, at 3 miles it’s 0.11. On a graph it looks like this:

What is MOST IMPORTANT is that the gravitational force never goes to zero! This means once your apple is 100 million miles away it still weighs something. Its gravitational force at this distance is  0.0000000000000001 N. This means that essentially a tiny bit of the apple extends throughout the entire universe. Since this is true for everything else, the universe is not the sum of countless separate objects (us included) but one Unity Field. Inside of this field there are areas of higher density and other areas with lower density. I am for example an area of higher density but beyond my skin I extend (just like the apple) throughout the entire universe. This is how everything is connected. Because it’s all part of one and the same “thing”.

This explains a many former mysteries. How can a mother sense when her child is in danger thousands of miles away. Because mother and child are both part of the same “thing” only concentrated in separate locations. It also explains particle entanglement. This is the phenomenon that 2 particles are connected even when separated by large distances. When an  action is performed on one particle, it affects the other, even over great distances.

The exponential curve that describes the gravitational field can be found in many places. The same pattern is all around us. Here is the same curve describing population density in New York. I call the curve the children’s slide. At the top the density is high at the bottom of the curve the density is low.

To see this not in an abstract graph but visually is more intuitive. Below, the high density population is bright (city lights) and the low population density is dark. The bright area represents the left side of the exponential curve and the dark area represents the right side of the curve.

A 3d map shows population density in the same slope from large cities to rural areas.

The same curve also describes the mass concentration of galaxies. The mean distance between stars decreases towards the center of the galaxy.

Brain activity shows the same concentration,  in this case of activated neural networks.

There are endless examples but my joy and pride is my own discovery: Even human needs are distributed along this type of elegant mathematical distribution. This finding comes from a research I did which spanned over 7 years and 40 countries (more here) The surprising discovery describes the mathematical relationship between human needs as categorized by the founder of modern psychology Abraham Maslow. Survival needs are at the top of the exponential curve (strong needs) and self actualization is at the bottom (weak needs).


Our universe is one connected unity field. We are all part of something amazing. We’re not separate. This field is organized by an elegant mathematical symmetry.

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