The Auto-Economy (automated economy)

During the industrial revolution we replaced muscles with machines. In the current transformation age we are replacing brains with machines. This is why comparisons with industrial age replacement jobs are flawed. In the past a telegraph worker could find a job with a telephone company. A farmer could find a job in a factory. The last refuge these days are service sector jobs. But they pay little and eventually will also be subject to automation. The main paradigm of automation is to do more with less. More output with less people.

We are on a trajectory to a predominantly if not fully automated economy. I call this the “auto-economy”.  In this kind of economy the great majority of the goods and services people need are produced and delivered by automated, AI infused robots and software.

The first sector which experienced this transformation was agriculture.



The second sector was manufacturing.




The final sector to undergo this transformation is the service sector.




The result looks like this and this is just the beginning of an entirely new era in human history.



Even today a good portion of the workforce is already at risk.


When you follow down this curve you arrive at … the auto-economy (automated economy) … but there’s good news too, it just requires an entirely new way of thinking … this is why we bring together people from around the world to “rethink” the future …

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