What is Peace City? Hint: It may not be what you think …

Imagine ALL you want out of life. For yourself, for your family and friends, for your community, for the world. Now put all of it into one place. That’s Peace City. It’s a clear and compelling vision of your future. A future you can love and be proud of.


On an individual level, your Peace City may be a place where you are healthy, have love in your life, are financially independent and experience happiness. On a collective level Peace City may be a place where people live in balance with each other and with mother nature.


Unlike Utopia where everything is perfect, Peace City is often about finding the imperfect perfections and perfect perceptions. This brings it closer to reality and makes it more attainable.


Sometimes we may not get to our own “Peace City” as quickly and as completely as we would like, but history has shown that the better our vision for our future, the greater our chances to get there. If you can see it, you can be it.


I believe that the challenges we face are not as much a lack of capability but a lack of vision. Vision can take you beyond imagined limitations.


Visions can be about collective accomplishments: John F. Kennedy had a vision of putting a man on the moon. Rosa Parks, civil rights icon, had a vision of equality.  Eleanor Roosevelt had a vision of equal opportunity for women. Nelson Mandela had a vision for equality in South Africa.


Visions can be about personal accomplishments: Arnold Schwarzenegger had a vision of becoming a body-building champion and a major movie star. Serena Williams had a vision of becoming a tennis champion. Madonna & Beyoncé had the vision of becoming global music stars.


Steve Jobs, Apple founder said, “If you are working on something exciting that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. The vision pulls you.”


For me personally, Peace City is an aspiration destination. A place that houses the sum of my aspirations. It’s a home for what I want for myself, for my loved ones and for the world. Because it’s all there, my Peace City is a happy place, an optimistic place, a beautiful place, a safe place. It’s a place where we are living our full potential, where we experience peace of mind.


That said, knowing your destination is crucial but there is more.


Did you know that a mind-blowing 92 percent of New Year’s goals  are actually never achieved? (University of Scranton Research). This means that human beings only use 8 percent of their capacity. Imagine if we could access 100 percent of our capacity. Interesting things would begin to happen.


I did a 6 year 40 country research into human needs and found that we are much more similar than different as a species. Therefore we are more similar in potential capacity than we thought. This puts us closer to top performers. The difference comes from 2 “super-powers”: activation of that potential and full immersion into best practices. I call people who exhibit this potential “everyday heroes”.


This is the reason why I recommend choosing a BIG dream as the corner stone of your Peace City, of your destination. A BIG dream is so bold and so far beyond what you can imagine possible, that it will activate the kind of untapped “super-powers” you didn’t know you had.


A BIG dream energizes you, pulls you and fills you. It can only be manifested by taking a QUANTUM LEAP.  When you reach your big dream, it will transform how you see the world and give you a sense of certainty that the rest of your Peace City is attainable as well. Because a BIG dream is so far outside daily little goals, a support system is vital. The Peace City commUNITY supports you on the journey to your BIG DREAM.

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