What’s Your Hero Index (Hx)? What is your full potential?

Did you ever do something that you didn’t think you can do? A moment in time when you surprised yourself. When you said to yourself “I can’t believe I just did that”. Growing up I often didn’t want to accept the idea of limitations. And I experienced situations where I went far beyond what I had previously thought was even possible.

However I’m not special. You can do the same thing. I believe that we are all capable of much more than we think. I created a measure for this and called it our hero index (Hx). Your hero index is at 100% when you live to your fullest potential. Most people live at around 30%. This is NOT their fault. It’s social conditioning and perceived energy preservation. In reality however the higher your hero index the more energy and life force you have. A higher hero index also has a positive impact on your happiness level and financial independence.

Another way to describe when your hero index is at 100% is when you make use of your unlimited potential.



There are 3 levels of the hero index:

  • 1x – conventional hero index. This is what most people believe their potential is. Example: This month you can do 20 pushups. Next month you can do 100.
  • 2x – mindbody** hero index. This is when you can completely control your body and mind. Example: 10,507 non stop pushups by Minoru Yoshida of Japan, October 1980. Another example is math genius Jason Padgett who became a genius after his brain was injured.
  • 3x – spacetime*** hero index. This is when you can control your environment. Between June 7 and July 30, 1993 a group of 4000 meditation experts came together in Washington DC to meditate with the goal of lowering the crime rate. They were able to lower the violent crime rate at 23.3% in a carefully controlled scientific demonstration.

**mindbody is my holistic description of the combination of body and mind

***spacetime is Albert Einstein’s description of the combination of space and time

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