Happy Holidays :)

Happy Holidays :)

To my family & friends and our amazing Peace City Community: Wishing you Happy Holidays and and a great New Year! 🙂

You Are My Magic Light

dedicated to our Peace City Community

Thank you for being in my life
Through thick and thin, throughout the night
You are the north star in my world
You are my flame, my magic light

When I am lost, you’re in my sight
When I feel low, you’re shining bright
When I don’t know, you know what’s right
You guide me, you’re my magic light

Our days fly by in rocket speed
The hamster wheel comes to no end
But there you are, you’re all I need
With you my time I want to spend

Each day with you is a new chance
To inhale, exhale, LIVE with heart
To find our voice, to do our dance
Our life is like a piece of art

We don’t postpone, WE don’t delay
Our inner hero, takes a STAND
We wrap ourselves in LOVE around us
It’s how we FLY not where we land

The green’s not greener if we wait
The sun’s not brighter other places
The joy’s right here if we can see it
Mirrored in Our loved ones faces

You and I WILL last forever
RelationSHIPS mean SAIL together
It’s how we SEEK not what we’ll find
It’s how we BOND not what we bind

Beyond the confines of existence
I sense a greater source of light
A sense of oneness and persistence
The source of our strongest might

The good news is no need to wait
You are my wings you give me flight
It’s ALL within us to create
right here right now, our Magic Light

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