I studied for more than 10,000 HOURS: 27 SCIENCES & TOPICS. I filled up many notebooks. This year I'm sharing (for the first time) excerpts from my notebooks here.

Genius is to see patterns where others see noise

'GENIUS IS TO SEE PATTERNS WHERE OTHERS SEE NOISE' -Samy --- - - - ---  ------ ------- ------- -------------- ---------- ------ --------- ------------ ----------- ----- ------ --- --------- --------- ---------- -------- ---------- ------ ------------------------ ------------- ------------------- ----------------------- ------- -       --- - - -... 1

Bumpy Road Ahead

We are certainly in the midst of the transformation age. Wildfires, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes ... It is for this reason that Peace City is focused on empowering everyday heroes. We will need everyday people to bring out their inner hero to address the challenges we... 0

Wild Horses – Emotions

I compare the oldest part of our physiological operating system, the "old brain, or reptilian brain" to wild horses. While the beauty of our emotional experience stems from this part of the brain, fear, anxiety or anger come from this source as well. Sometimes these... 0

Everyday Heroes – My definition

Every day heroes: This group goes beyond the standard hero definition. It’s the mom who would rather buy new clothes for her child than buying herself a new dress. It’s the dad who sacrifices for his kid’s college fund. It’s the teacher who would buy... 0