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Hi ūüôā I’m an A.I.M. CREATOR,¬†an artificial intelligence metaverse producer.¬†I’ve created 1000s of¬†immersive eXperiences¬†made of XR, VR, AR, AI,¬†with music I wrote and produced, and with TV content as well as videos I produced for¬†the 3d internet.

I love finding entirely new ways of doing things, effective answers to extremely difficult questions and creative solutions to problems. The bigger the challenge, the more excited I get.

10 years ago I founded PCI, a global network of influencers, top content producers and cutting edge technology creators.

I love creativity and advanced innovation.  With PC International we were featured by a top Fortune company at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas. We had produced an advanced METAVERSE (virtual, social 3d website).  This large virtual landscape is the size of England.  The best part was to meet unbelievably talented minds and become friends with some truly brilliant people.


For Hollywood stars we produced “Virtual Hollywood”. Years ago one of the “Godfathers” of Hollywood, Chairman Emeritus of Universal Studios, Lew Wasserman sent me a letter of support for our Peace City project and I wish he could have seen the results of it all.

My focus is to create joy or jobs for people. Ideally both at the same time.

There is a special energy when the right people come together. I started as a performer when I was 6 years old.  (video in intro)

I love ALL media including TV production and hosting.

My non profit project “Peace City” features a NEW VISION for the future, support for our members from 193 countries and its own philosophy and proposed macroeconomic system…

Here are my 2 role models. In my free time I spent thousands of hours to study more than 27 SCIENCES & TOPICS. My role model is Leonardo Da Vinci because he is a polymath and combined CREATIVITY + TECHNOLOGY + VISION. My other major role model is Einstein for being an epiphany tornado. And yes I added a thing on that blackboard …. (experience, studies and skills page is here)

All the images below are screenshots from our recent productions:

This has been my office in the metaverse long before it was a “thing”.

This is one of our more recent productions.

Your social media profile page today can be your metaverse home tomorrow. It’s a place to connect.

Your tik tok feed is way to express your personality. Your metaverse home is another way to express yourself.

Your commute to work will be a few seconds. Nothing can replace being together in real life with others to collaborate or socialize. But the metaverse office is definitely more fun than just being on a conference call.

The recent pandemic showed that social, spatial shopping will add value in many industries. Furniture and art are 2 obvious examples where 3 dimensions make a lot of sense.

Instead of a mindmap I organize all of my information in a mindpark. Images, text, videos, thoughts, business models, research, big picture concepts and even pitch decks are all organized on a 3d mindmap. Our brain processes information using space and a timeline. I find ideas because “I’ve been there”.

In my free time I conducted a research project that took 7 years.¬† I created an algorithm that decodes human motivation and makes Maslow’s¬† human needs measurable and quantifiable, thus setting the stage for an entirely new method to create demand and engagement.



Right now, I am working on the most exciting project of my life, it involves people from 193 countries and 1 common home …¬† more about this in early 2023, until then ….


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