Artificial intelligence (ML, NLP, Neural Networks, Reinforcement Learning, Expert Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Swarm Intelligence, Deep Learning  )

Metaverse production (e.g.: AW, YM, Unity, Unreal Engine, SP, MW, Omniverse, USD)

META BUSINESS –  specialty area – business of the metaverse (e.g.: VRE virtual real estate value DNA, Metaverse ecosystem, MAI meta AI business process, DeME decentralized metaverse economics )

Metaverse related smart contracts, coins, tokens, NFTs, Ethereum, Bitcoin, DeSo (social), DeVRE (virtual real estate), DeCOM (communications)

Music & lyrics (composition , writing)

Digital production (music, video, graphics)

Digital advertising (e.g.: google, FB, IG)

Sales funnels (e.g.: click funnels)

Digital analytics (e.g.: google analytics, Watson analytics, AI, predictive analytics, analytics algorithms, deep excel)

Communications (e.g.: PR, presentations)


This is a slice of my interest mindmap.

Business (e.g. strategy, positioning, canvas, models, marketing, PR, scrum, MBA course, sales, branding)

Industries (focus areas: metaverse, television, movies, social networks)

Deep business case studies (e.g. google, facebook, amazon, tesla, apple, toyota, pixar, disney, blockbuster, viacom)

Studied People (e.g.: Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, leonardo da vinci, abraham maslow, steven hawking, + elon musk, steve jobs, walt disney, sumner redstone,  jeff bezos, bob iger / disney, richard branson / virgin, T. Boone Pickens)

Business coaches (Oren Klaff, Russel Branson, jeff bezos, robert kiyosaki, ray dalio – principles, tony robbins – money game, warren buffet – mary buffett, napoleon hill, timothy ferris, tony hsieh / delivering, happiness – zappos, gary vaynerchuk, chris anderson / free, malcolm gladwell, michael gerber / e-myth revisited, seth godin, tony fadell

General Interests

Macro economics (e.g.: Adam Smith, Wealth Of Nations, Klaus Schwab, 4th industrial revolution, 2nd Machine Age, supercapitalism / robert reich, the ascent of money / neil ferguson, the age of turbulence / alan greenspan)

History (e.g.: Yuval Harari)

Future (e.g. ray kurzweil / singularity is near, george friedman / the next 100 years)

Mindfulness (e.g.: Craig Marshall / the next you / law of attraction, eckhart tolle / power of now),  Chacras, Meditation


Quantum physics (focus area: information energy)

Neuro science (focus area: memory prediction system)